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Weather in Merzouga

Weather in MerzougaThe location of Merzouga in the sahara desert ensures for the hot weather in most times. However, it is very important to know that temperature changes, depending on different criteria, among which is the climate atmosphere, night and day rolling and seasonal exceptions.

The general climate in Merzouga is typically hot. Rainfall is almost absent less than 100 mm per year. Temperatures are contrasting (14 ° C Average at winter and 35 ° C at summer. Nights can be very cold in winter, and cool at summer.

Sand storms

Fire and Night party MerzougaSand storms are likely to be in Merzouga, because of the wind waves from the Sahara Desert. Rain can fall in the form of deluge, resulting streams and torrents. But the weather after that get cooler for several weeks after, even at summer.


  • Because of the Climate change, we are unable to give predictions on weather at certain times, therefore, forecast changes quickly and surprisingly. So, when you’re planning to come to Merzouga, try to consult the situation of the weather one or two days before your departure.
  • Check the forecast information in Merzouga online on the side bar of our website.

Weather forecast for Merzouga