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Travel Tips

Is it safe to travel to Merzouga?

Totally yes, Morocco’s main policy towards tourism is the maintaining of safety of its guests. You may be labeled to unforeseen circumstances if you choose unreliable travel company, or if you go to suspicious places. But we advise you to consult local authorities about any harassment or problems you may face, policemen are in most frequent visited places to ensure security of its goers. There is a police center in Merzouga which you can consult to check for information on safety in the region.

What is the best time to visit Merzouga?

Generally speaking, the best period of the year to visit Merzouga is at winter and early Spring. During these times, the temperature is quite moderate, which is optimal for travelers to enjoy the sun without negative outcomes. However, it depends on your availability and your favorite temperature, because some travelers prefer extreme hot for medical purposes; e.g.: Summer time is known for travelers seeking “sand bath” as a treatment to rheumatism and cold.

What is the normal dress code in Merzouga?

You are free to wear whatever you want in Merzouga, but certain norms have to be respected because of the conservative life aspects of the local people. Unlike Casablanca, Marrakech or so ever, Merzouga’s population are very sensitive to the modern life aspect, which includes short skirts or transparent clothes. Therefore, it is very important to cover your legs (particularly for women) and wear appropriately according to the customs of the people in the region.

Single woman traveling alone?

We do not recommend women to travel alone to Merzouga, but our company assures the safety of every single traveler, whether male or female, alone or in company. A single woman may not feel comfortable during her stay in Morocco ( or in Merzouga too); because she may face sexual harassment for frequent times, therefore it is better, if you are a single woman, to be accompanied with a trusted and official guide who provides you with the total care and safety in the limit of service only.

What if I am stung when having a sand bath?

The average of being stung by insects in a sand bath is 1 %. We have never witnessed any situation when somebody is being stung by insects. All previous patients who had the sand bath did not complain on this issue. But you needn’t worry as there is an infirmary in Merzouga, to help you heal any infection you may encounter within the sand bath process or during your whole stay in Merzouga.