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Sightseeing and attractions in Merzouga

Merzouga offers a splendid view of the Sahara. The combination of the sand dunes and the oasis are most what make the Sahara desert an extraordinary image. Kasbahs (fortified bastions) are a local trade mark which tells you about the artistic and architectural style of building. Another “must to see” scenery in Merzouga is the sunset and sunrise, both moments connect the sky with the land, forming a wonderful image which combines the red light of the sun with the golden sand dunes. Broad empty Hamadas are also to be seen, where no sand dunes no oasis, but an extension of wide empty lands with a few Savannahs here-and-there.

Must-to-see attractions in Merzouga

  • Erg Chebbi sand dunes

    Erg Chebbi sand dunes or Merzouga dunes are the highest and widest dunes in Morocco.

  • The lake of Merzouga

    At 2 kilometers from the center of the village of Merzouga. It also called the lake of flamingos