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Shopping in Merzouga

Shopping ItemsShopping could be one of the motivations for coming to Merzouga. Like the most frequent visited cities in Morocco (Marrakech, Fes...) Merzouga also offers many shopping services from the local style. Shops in Merzouga are available in the form of bazaars, displaying the best and most authentic crafts and things which are part of the daily life of people.

There is a wide variety of things to buy in Merzouga, most of which are traditional clothes as wore by the local people. This includes carpets, jewelry, clothing and many other things.


The characteristics of clothes in the Merzouga regions are made against external effects. Including wind blows, high temperature. However, it depends also on gender. Among these clothes is the "blue Jellaba”, common dress for men of the Sahara desert. It is a long dress, with loose sleeves and trouser and golden embroiders. Turban is a typical piece of cloth for the Sahara men. Found in colours and wore in different styles. Slippers are a local trade mark as well, used by men and women. However, black cloth with colourful and bright embroiders are used by Berber women, ensuring the conservative aspect of them.


Among one of the most fascinating carpets in Morocco is the desert one. It has its own style and color. Carpets in Merzouga are made using traditional wooden tools. Variant in size and in wool. But they are used in decoration as well as furniture.


Jewelry are mostly made and used by women of the region. They appear to be an aspect of beauty by women, and are worn in special occasions like wedding ceremonies. Among jewelries you can find bracelets, necklaces, earrings… in particular shapes. They are made in gold, silver and also bronze.