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Prices of things in Merzouga

Prices of things in MerzougaThe average living cost in Morocco is quite cheaper comparing to developed countries. The economic system takes into consideration the living costs of all social classes, which means that any instability in prices is controlled and supported by the government to remain at its normal state. This policy serves well foreign visitors as they encounter cheaper goods.

Prices of most goods and services are reasonable, but foreigners may be forced to pay unforeseen expenses if he or she is not accompanied with an official guide.

Our company ensures you the transparency of costs and provides you recommended places to shop with no extra fees, besides; we try to seek the most comfortable hotels and restaurants with very competitive costs.

Below is the list of prices of different services and things under normal circumstances:

  • Bottle of Water: 5 – 10 Dh.
  • Orange Juice (Cup ): 10 Dh.
  • Coffee: 4 – 20 Dh.
  • Mint tea: 4 – 10Dh.
  • Lunch or dinner for two people: about 80 – 150 Dh.
  • Breakfast: 20 – 40 Dh.
  • Double room in one of our recommended Riads or hotels: 400 – 1000Dh.


  • The prices we displayed above are flexible, which means they are subject to change, depending on different criteria, such as the quality of services.