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Language of Merzouga

Language in MerzougaMorocco's official languages ​​are: National: classical Arabic and Berber (or Tamazight).

The non-official languages ​​in Morocco are: Moroccan Arabic dialect of classical Arabic.

Berber languages ​​(Tarifit, Tamazight and Tachelhit) used daily in the mountainous regions of Morocco, and in the desert. French is the language of commerce, higher education is taught in French.

Lately, English has gained a wide interest by youngsters and even adults, assuming it to be the future of Morocco’s economy and progress, that’s why you won’t be surprised if you meet somebody speaking English quite well. English therefore is taught in many private and is a major subject in the public schools.

People in the Regions of the Rif, speak also Spanish, because of the Spanish influence in the past century. In the Sahara region, Hassaniya, (Branch in the Moroccan Arabic) is widely spoken along with Berber.

Generally speaking, the language spoken by the majority of the population is Moroccan Arabic, gradually influenced by the so-called classical Arabic, However, diglossia and even triglosia usually happens, because of the linguistic diversity within the same territory.

The phonology and morphology of the Moroccan Arabic and Berber can vary from one region to the other, but mutual intelligibility happens.

Will our driver speak our language?

Our drivers/guides speak English, Spanish and French and are native speaker of Berber/Tamazight, they speak also Arabic, and they will be happy to facilitate your contact with local people and help you learn a few words in the Moroccan native languages, so feel free to ask them for translations anytime!

Useful words and expressions in Moroccan dialect

Hello: ahlan. Good evening: msa l-khir.
Good bye: bslama. Good Morning: sbahl-khir.
Thank you: shukran. Good night Laila sa‘ida.
Please: ‘afak/ Min fadlik Expensive ghali.
Sorry: asif/’afwan. Cheap rkhis.
Excuse me: smah li. Menu please menu ‘afak.
Good: mezyn. Water l-ma.


1 wahed 8 tmenya
2 juj 9 ts’ud
3 tlata 10 ‘ashra
4 arb’a 20 ‘eshrin
5 khamsa 50 khamsin
6 setta 100 mya
7 seb’a 1000 alf