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Food and drinks in Merzouga

Food in MerzougaMorocco’s cuisine is globally recognised to be a distinctive trade mark in the five star restaurants! Like any region in the kingdom, Merzouga is a destination of the Moroccan cuisine in all its types and tastes. Couscous and Tagine comes at the top of the menu, and it differs from one place to another as recipes change. In Merzouga, Couscous and Tagine are made of fresh vegetables including carrots, onion… and meat on top. However, “Madfouna” remains a symbolic meal in the region, also nicknamed “Berber Pizza”, through which is stuffed of pieces of steak and eggs. You can order other small courses like the Moroccan salad with its flavour and diversity.

Where to eat?

There are a many restaurants and snacks in the downtown of Merzouga. All of restaurants offer delicious food from the Moroccan cuisine. You can check for the menu and select your preferred starter (mainly Salads) and your main course (includes a wide category of meals) and you will be served with tea and fruits at the end. However it is your wish to make your own order. Hotels also offer you meals during dinner and breakfast (included in your reservation), but lunch is excluded from your hotel reservation.

Recommended places to eat in Merzouga

==> Cafe Restaurant in Khamlia village.

==> Cafe Restaurant Fatima in Hassilabied.