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Accommodation Merzouga

Merzouga offers a distinctive accommodation style. Unlike city hotels or resorts, Merzouga’s accommodation is a combination of the local art with the traditional architecture as it is adopted in the people’s building style. Hotels and Bivouacs are the main Accommodation possibilities for your stay in Merzouga.

Desert Hotels

Desert Hotels as in French “Auberges” are enormously available in the area; some of them are located next to the dunes, while others reside in the main town. All hotels are categorized in terms of the quality of services and most of them offer half-board options.


Rooms MerzougaMost of hotels have single rooms, double rooms and suites.

Single rooms:

They are tailored to give guests the maximum comfort in a Saharan environment. Thus, most rooms embody the Moroccan design.


These types of rooms are available for groups, they are very warm and well decorated, designed for family stay and ensuring the authenticity of Merzouga’s architecture and style.

* All rooms and suites have a private / shower and air conditioning facilities.

You can either make your own reservation online, or contact us to book the appropriate hotel for you.

Other services applicable in desert hotels

Swimming pool: water renewed daily, tailored for both children and adults and is equipped with security and life vest and floating devices. Along them you can lie and enjoy the sun tanning. Towels are very clean and soft for your comfort.


Desert Camp MerzougaBivouacs or night camps are ideal for customers seeking a traditional accommodation. Around 10 to 20 or more tents are available for you, shaping the nomadic accommodation style and offering a breath-taking night around the sand dunes. Most camps are equipped with light lamps, traditional decoration, hot water, showers, and kitchen. When you arrive at the bivouac you will be impressed by the beauty and magic of the surrounding environment. Calm and relaxation are the very frequent words you will often say! Once night falls, you will be amazed by atmosphere and the many stars making each minute exceptional!

Normally, you will be taken on camels from the hotel to the bivouac, and vice versa for the back.